Indiana Vehicle Insurance Claims Online

vehicle accident sceneDealing with accidents is part of being an insurance company and they know it well. Almost all reputable insurers try to excel in customer service when their policyholders have a claim. This is their chance to show them that they care. It would be sad if they lose the customer after paying for a sizeable claim because of slow reaction.

So, you shouldn’t feel guilty about submitting a claim. You would have avoided it if you could. One of the most important thing is to remain calm and composed following a crash.

What to Do If You Had an accident

  • One of the first things you should do is to move the people to a secure location if it is safe to move them.
  • Secondly, you should make sure that the scene of the collision is safe for other motorists by placing enough warning signs. You don’t want another accidents as a result of the one you are involved.
  • Don’t lave the scene until you gather all the details of the people involved if it is a small incident.
  • Call the police and other emergency responders as required and follow their instructions. Make sure that the incident is recorded. If they are coming wait until they arrive and finish with their reports.
  • You shouldn’t discuss the crash with anyone other than the police and your automobile insurance carrier. Especially, don’t accept responsibility or give an impression that it was your fault. Let your insurers deal with it on your behalf.
  • If you can get details of other drivers and cars involved and their insurance details it would be helpful. If they are uncooperative gather as much information as you can like the plate number and general description of the drivers and cars.
  • Take a note of witnesses at the scene and see if they are willing to give you their details.

Reporting a Claim

When contacting your insurance provider, it is important to provide as much information as possible, including how the accident happened, the weather at the time, and anything else that may be relevant to the claim.

Don’t hesitate to contact your agent or your insurance provider when you need any assistance or help. You should be able to ask general questions without giving policy and claim details. This may be important for the incidents that are small and you are not sure if you want to make a claim or not.

After a collision, you can file the claim online or contact your car insurance company by phone. Most insurers provide online claim facilities these days. This may speed the process and give you a chance to follow it online too.

Usually, it is a good idea to follow up your claim, especially if you want it settled quickly and get your car repaired. Sometimes, insurers cannot move forward until they hear back from their policyholders with a feedback. By staying on top of the issues and communications you make sure that you react quickly and get pay fast.